Genius eQUAM™ –  Quality Management

The need to measure and ensure quality is paramount throughout all aspects of the clinical trial process. CROs have a need for enterprise clinical quality management technologies to manage all critical quality and compliance processes using a single, centralized system.
Genius eQUAM™ provides a flexible and configurable platform for inherently tracking and managing quality and compliance events to ensure that clinical research activities are continually measured, monitored and improved upon. As a single platform, it manages SOPs, incidents and findings from audit programs through the associated CAPA and change control. The benefit of having quality and compliance procedures built into a single clinical solution is that corrective and preventive actions as well as effectiveness checks can be easily tracked to ensure continual monitoring and improvement of globally-run clinical trial processes.

Genius eQUAM™ features and benefits

  • Reduces compliance risk and improves quality processes
  • Accelerates documents review and approval workflows
  • Facilitates sharing of GxP documents among employees and customers
  • Better audits and inspections through detailed audit trails, content organization, and powerful search
  • Controlled content access and copy distribution
  • Compliance reporting
  • Electronic signature and manifestation
  • Configurable quality workflows
  • Quality document taxonomy
  • Document change control
  • Real-time collaborative authoring
  • Interactive dashboards and reports
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