Real-World Research for Real-World Outcome
Exom combines multi-disciplinary expertise, and integrated technologies to help you to produce the real-world evidence you need to build your brand value and establish a strong market position,  while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Late phase clinical trials
Our dedicated late-phase CRO services include “full service” support for interventional Phase IIIb and Phase IV studies, peri and post-marketing observational studies, pragmatic trials, post-authorization safety studies (PASS), post-authorization efficacy studies (PAES) to evaluate  effectiveness and safety in a real-world setting.

Observational studies
Observational studies provide valuable insights into the causal association between a treatment (e.g. a drug product, device, or procedure) and a particular event or outcome (e.g. long-term effectiveness and safety).
The non-interventional studies have become critical tools in health care research because they offer a broader range of approaches to answering important, “real world” clinical research and product usage questions.

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